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Proven Leadership


Paul Vallas

Vallas is a proven leader who has a plan to bring crime under control, prioritize education, and get our city back on track financially.

  • Vallas has a public safety plan that makes sense and prioritizes the public's safety.

  • Vallas successfully ran CPS. Under his tenure, test scores improved every year.

  • Vallas has balanced 14 multi-billion dollar budgets without ever receiving a bailout and secured 13 bond rating upgrades in Chicago alone.

For more information about Vallas' campaign, visit

Don Don 曾

Don has been a proven leader in the 11th Ward and will work to ensure our streets are safer, schools are better and our communities stronger.

  • People and businesses are fleeing from Chicago, because they are scared to walk our streets. We can do better if we prioritize the safety of the people of Chicago.

  • Schools need to come first. We have to provide an educational system for our kids that foster a love for learning in a safe environment. We can do that. 

  •  Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. By building stronger communities, we can build a better Chicago.

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